0: Roy Holmberg

Forged Metals, Wood, Ceramics

Location: 526 Towhee Dr

I work in metals, wood and ceramics using a Blacksmiths forge, wood lathe and potter’s wheel to shape and mold materials into pieces that strive to capture the spirit of the craftsman era. I particularly enjoy working with hot forged metals which allows a normally rigid material to become plastic and able to be worked into fluid organic shapes. For most of my work I use a combination of materials and it is not uncommon for me to incorporate found objects into my pieces.  Raw materials for my work may originate from a scrap yard, flea market, yard sale or be found washed up on the coast.  Gathering raw materials can often be as challenging yet rewarding as constructing the work.  I enjoy creating my pieces and take special satisfaction from turning cast off items into artistic work.

I can be reached at (831) 251-5657

My website is: royholmberg.com