18: April Zilber

Glass Art Location: 7011 Empire Grade

The first metal & glass panels I created were inspired by the cellular architecture of xylem, the woody part of a tree. Growth patterns of roots, flowers and cones have an expanding radial symmetry that is appealing. Spiral forms evoke fossil shells, galaxies, and the cyclical nature of time. After moving to the woods in 2004, I started to create tree designs and then portraits of particular trees. The awesome complexity of living plants, shaped by weather, insects and other influences, reminds us that beauty may not arise from a perfect form. Life experience adds richness in subtle variations that create interesting individuals, whether they be trees or humans.

What I make: Fused and slumped glass panels and candle screens, with or without metal inclusions, featuring organic themes ranging from the microscopic to the macroscopic.  On a smaller scale, flame-worked beads made with Italian glass or recycled bottle glass incorporated into jewelry.