12: Danny Thorpe

Ceramics Location: 12250 Alba Road

I am a software architect by day, hobby farmer and garage alchemist by night. My interest in ceramics was kindled in childhood but I only recently returned to the “fire arts” as a creative outlet …and an excuse to play with fire.

I work primarily in slip cast stoneware and porcelain, make my own molds from hand-built, found and altered objects, and I am currently working on developing glazes using local raw materials (aka “dirt”). I also follow the muse to dabble in fused glass, slump glass, and metal casting.

My knowledge of pottery and other “fire arts” is largely self taught, building on my background in chemistry and mathematics. My primary passion is the glaze chemistry – carefully setting the stage to entice nature to come out and play, leaving wondrous colors and patterns in her wake.

– Danny Thorpe