14: Melinda Rugani

Handmade Cushions Location: 3370 Pine Flat Road 

Rugani-1wThe essence of my work is to re-cycle, re-use and enable someone to re-love something that has been discarded.

My items of choice are the humble doillie and vintage laces. I have used them to create quirky, individual and elegant cushions that can fit into every home, on a sofa, bed or bench, a unique piece of useable ʻartʼ.

Many people have inherited linens, doillies and laces from their families and have no desire to incorporate them into their modern homes. With my work you can celebrate their heritage in a new way and pass them down to the next generation.

I am committed to buying my base fabrics locally, the feather pads I use are made for me in California.

Rugani-2wThis is my 4th year taking part in Bonny Doon Art Tour.

Web site: www.melindarugani.com

facebook: LoungeLizard55