11: Barbara Codd

Acrylic Abstract Paintings Location: 2720 Smith Grade

“Blue Waters Run Deep”

I paint because doing so takes me to a place of extreme creative pleasure. It makes me happy. I love to play with color and light in an abstract expressionistic form.

I can transcend who I am through expressing my creative energy, which can be very healing and inspiring. I use a free-flowing style of painting with acrylics, adding texture by layering and layering the paint through movement, using brushes, paint knives and squeegee tools.

I want the viewer to be drawn into the paintings through the use of color, light, and composition, enabling them to evoke their own emotions from what they see. Their own view of the abstract painting is theirs’ alone and may not be something I intended or even thought of as I was creating the piece. Through a vibrant and vivid palette I connect with human feelings, and my own.

“Aspens in Winter”

Often I mix my own colors until I get just the one I want. A color study starts to appear on the canvas as I combine the paint, at times adding cultural references that are transformed into something contemplative and expressive.

I give credit to all my life’s experiences as to what I see, feel and absorb in the world around me as influences on how I paint in a free-flowing abstract expressionistic style. Being an abstract artist allows me the freedom to communicate feelings and emotions unconstrained by forms found in objective reality, through PAINT…

My work is constantly evolving, I continue to take risks, find a new path, and express myself.

Asian Blue

13766 Center St. #22
Carmel Valley, CA 93924

Website: www.barbaracoddart.com

Contact Info: barbarjcodd@gmail.com, ph:831-383-9083