9: Antoinette Bennett

Jewelry – Wire Sculpture Location: 250 Tassett Court

DreamThyme Designs

 ‘Designed in Dream, Consciously Crafted

Antoinette BennettAntoinette’s creations are intricate, elegant & whimsical, inspired by fashions of centuries past, indigenous cultures, nature and…her Dreams. Antoinette has always had a talent for jewelry, but a few years ago it became a passion after she awoke from a dream in which she had envisioned an amazing jewelry design. Ever since, she has drawn much creative inspiration from her dreams; hence the name DreamThyme Designs.

Bennett workbenchAntoinette works for an ecofriendly company in the construction industry, where she recently began collecting scrap electrical wire from job sites to create jewelry and other wire sculpture. In addition to reused & recycled materials, Antoinette incorporates gemstones, textiles & feathers into her pieces, to create jewelry, clothing and adornments that are out of ordinary fashion, to say the least!

Bennett corset Bennett feathers