11: Robyn Kruse

Ink & Mixed Media Location: 2720 Smith Grade
"A Long Tail Rooster" - Robyn Kruse

“A Long Tail Rooster” – Robyn Kruse

I’ve traveled the world. The ways I approach travel and now the ways I approach art come from a passion for discovery and knowledge. Seeing the richness of different colors, different textures and different worlds make me feel alive. They also make me know myself – the differences and similarities between cultures highlight who I am, so that in art and travel I am constantly running into myself. And I do both for joy. I bring my multicultural experiences into the studio with me.

"The Patriot" - Robyn Kruse

“The Patriot” – Robyn Kruse

In my twenties, I bought a one-way ticket to Europe, hitchhiked around the world and ended up living in Japan. Much later, I spent years in corporate jobs back in America. Now, I’ve rediscovered art as something I just need to do. This need comes from a very clear and personal place. I make work that I hope will make you smile. I create surreal, humorous worlds through ink and mixed media pieces.

I make ink and mixed media work that I hope will make you smile. I create surreal, humorous worlds rich in vibrancy and detail. Color, texture, scale, pattern and energy fascinate me. My primary subject, roosters, inspire me with their variety, craziness and attitude. I love how alive my roosters feel and truly enjoy bringing them to you in all their glory.

-Robyn Kruse

website: robynkruse.com

"Cracks in the Universe" - Robyn Kruse

“Cracks in the Universe” – Robyn Kruse