7: Liz Whitaker

Ceramic Sculpture Location: 416 Westdale Drive

I am a California native, born in San Francisco and raised on the peninsula and from a very young age I was aware of how incredibly privileged I was to grow up in such a forward thinking and culturally diverse place, close to the country but with all of the museums and musical venues of the city. I grew up in a family where everyone was very artistic. My mother and father both painted and my father was always doing woodwork and carving. In high school I experimented with many different media and was introduced to the experience of working with ceramics. I continued my art education at Canada College in San Mateo for a short time, but am primarily self taught.

About ten years ago I became involved with the Santa Cruz Mountain Art Center where I have worked, studied, volunteered and shown my ceramic sculptures. I am a certified massage therapist and studied anatomy in my certification training. In my current work I am focused on ceramic sculpture mostly of the human form.