11: Kim & Nancy Sterling

Digital & Acrylic Painting Location: 305 San Vicente Terrace

KIM STERLING has been painting, designing, and creating murals and wall graphics for corporations since 1973. He developed a number of original and innovative mural techniques and concepts in his quest to humanize their efficient sterile environments. He is now experimenting with the newest art/printing technologies available; exploring the everyday changing and new directions in the large scale digital realm of art and murals that were ironically developed and financed by many of his original corporate clients.

He and his crew have created murals throughout the United States and the world including murals in Seattle, WA., Los Angeles, CA., Portland, OR., Albuquerque, NM., Phoenix,AZ., Paris, France, Barbados, W.I., Salt lake City, Utah, Las Vegas, NV and Manteca, CA. A partial list of his clients include IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Lockheed-Martin, Varian, Gencorp Aerojet, Honeywell, Seimens, At&T, Aera Energy, and Fairchild Semiconductor.

Nancy Sterling is an award winning graphic designer and has been an art director and creative director in advertising. She has been running her own graphic design business, Kanga Design Associates, for the last 15 years. Using her expertise in digital art, she has been creating her unique brand of fine arts, experimenting with digital art and large scale printing for the past 8 years.

Highlights of their mural/wall graphic work include:

  • Designing and creating a series of 20 Oregon landscape murals including 3500 feet of graphics designs spread throughout four Intel campus locations in the Greater Portland, Oregon area.
  • Designing and producing twenty architecturally inspired murals and coordinated graphic motifs throughout Varian Corporation’s extensive Palo Alto campus featuring the 96’X35′ tile mural and fountain for Varian Corporation’s reflection pool in Palo Alto.
  • Creating and directing the Mural in Minutes 1992 project, a Sunnyvale School District fund raiser event involving coordinating the painting of 76 Sunnyvale elementary students who painted a 7’H X 76’ W mural representing the depth of the city of Sunnyvale in the record time of 111 minutes.
  • Designing the 105’ wide X 7’ high digital mural, depicting the History of Flight which explores the passion and technology for flight beginning with Da Vinci’s first drawings to the recent breakthroughs of space flight technologies which spans the perimeter of Honeywell Corporation’s lobby in Glendale, Arizona
  • The Art Park, an ongoing project to transform and humanize a former Nuclear Power Plant, Satsop Business Park, in Elma, Washington by designing and painting murals and graphic on a series of huge industrial buildings throughout their 440 acre business park.
  • Researching, curating, designing and creating the exhibits and interactive displays which for the IBEW Local 617 Museum Electric in San Mateo, CA. The exhibits in the museum explore the history and technology of electricity from the scientists that discovered and invented it, how it is created, harnessed and transmitted, to how it effects almost every aspect of our lives. The Museum was dedicated in 2006.

Examples of their mural and graphics work are available on their company web page at www.mepro.com and Kangadesign.com

Web site: kimsterling.com