Eli Steltenpohl

Cyanotype Prints
Mixed Media
Location: 7258 Empire Grade

Eli SteltenpohlUsing found objects, Steltenpohl’s art focuses on the fusion of manufactured and natural materials. Displayed as both sculptural “specimens” and photographs printed with the 19th century process cyanotype, he finds both humor and delicate beauty in combinations such as rusty wire and vines or farm tools and root balls. While guided by the forms in his materials, Steltenpohl’s work is strongly informed by his environmental studies background, the strange unions presenting deep commentary on the dynamics of domination, reclamation, and integration between human devices and nature.

Eli SteltenpohlSteltenpohl was born in Santa Cruz in 1987 and spent most of his childhood in Bonny Doon and Davenport. He graduated Oberlin College last year with a degree in environmental studies and high honors in studio art. He currently spends half the year managing a restaurant in southern Chile and the other half in Santa Cruz making art and tending to his family orchard.