Sarah Sanford

Printmaking & Drawing Location: 608 Sunlit Lane

Sarah Sanford - "Stellar Differentiation"Sarah Sanford b. 1974 in Michigan is an artist printmaker who has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally. She combines photography and drawing with printmaking to create abstract images reminiscent of forms present in the natural world. Her recent work of multi-layered screenprints investigates the ephemeral  qualities of light and glass.

“I enjoy the unpredictability that comes when creating images whose subject matter embodies an elusive physical nature.”

Sarah Sanford
Sanford holds a Masters of Fine Art in Printmaking from the Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland (2003). Her work visually plays on the interaction between darkness and light, reflecting Scotland’s northern light influence. Sanford has earned several awards and honors and her professional practice includes giving guest lectures and workshops about her work at various institutions. She works out of her studio Sunlit Seriagraphs in Bonny Doon, CA and is a lecturer at the University of California Santa Cruz.

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