9: Suzy Norris

NorrisA little over a year ago now, something wonderful happened. I’d been going through an increasingly challenging time with my health, which has been a major teacher in my life, and was being brought to my knees by the experience. When my dear friend and partner Fred encouraged me to take up art, I was touched by an excitement that was like a thousand smiles singing inside me!

I’ve always been an adventurous one,,, artistic, musical, and a great lover of spontaneous play. For much of my life, I’ve made my living as a luthier, specializing in unusual, made-up violin family instruments, as well as a whole host of flutes, harps, marimbas, tile-a-phones, etc. etc. But until last year, I’d never spent much time with a paintbrush, or let myself be moved by the vast worlds of photo art.

When these new artwhisperings came knocking, I was amazed by the depth and sweetness of their gift to me. I’d been so busy separating from the pain, that I’d forgotten how to relax and just be.

NorrisBeing inside the flow of a painting or photographic process miraculously stops the busyness of me. Beauty whispers and sings, secrets reveal themselves, and I feel heartfully, intimately present, alive, and more than a little awestruck.

These paintings and photo collages are spontaneous unfurlings, each one an expression of something about life that touches me deeply in some way. Thank you for stopping by!

Please be welcomed here, and I look forward to meeting you!

Suzy’s website: http://suzy-norris.artistwebsites.com/index.html?tab=galleries

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