8A: Jennifer Hennig

Ceramic pottery and sculpture Jennifer came to the area as a UCSC student pursuing an environmental studies degree in 1990. Though artistically inclined, she was always drawn to science and politics so had thought pursuing an education along these lines would lead to doing great things for the world. Little did she know that this would be transferred into artwork.

She met the Hennig family her second year in school and was seduced into their world: Ceramics! Falling in-love with Iver Hennig and the San Lorenzo Valley, they started a studio in Boulder Creek in 1995. Designing, making and selling their work has been her life ever since. She’s shared her love of the medium through teaching both children and adults as well.

Her designs are intrinsic for communicating with the world, now and later, in the time- capsulated medium of ceramics… feelings and thoughts that cannot always be so well expressed in words…always searching for ways to better express the changes she would like to see. A world with greater sensitivity of everyone’s needs and tolerance of differences is her dream. Embracing our need to recognize what we have to inspire compassion.

All of her work is hand-sculpted with stoneware clays using a variety of methods, hand-building with slabs and coils or starting with a thrown form, whatever works best for the design at hand. She uses a combination of slips, underglazes, stains and glazes. The work is high fired to cone 10 for strength and longevity and made for either inside or outdoors.