11: Su Evers

Mixed Media Photography Location: 2720 Smith Grade


“Astoria’s Bog”

Su Evers has been photographing In the Bay Area for 28 years. My studio is located in San Francisco at Art Explosion. I am moved and affected by photography. I am fascinated with the camera’s ability to capture the stillness and poetic depths in people as well as the viewer. An image forces us to stop…slow down and to imagine. I appreciate all art for this reason.

Who am I is a driving question into my work and creative process. It is a vision of “who am I” untangling a gritty childhood that I get to turn into art that might not exist in me otherwise if I had an easy upbringing. My childhood is a structure of my identity and my identity is the creator of my art…

“Blue Solitude”

“Orchard Fog”