Wendy Domster

Art Installations & Sculptural Birdhouses Location: 7258 Empire Grade

Wendy Domster - BirdhouseInspired by the traditions of past cultures and motivated to restore, remember and reclaim our consciousness and value for kinship within this place we call home.

WENDY DOMSTER expresses her artistic vision through the manipulation of raw and recycled materials.

Her Bird Homes are a sculptural palette for the preservation of life story. When we lose our stories, the memories and life forces that weave us together are lost as well.

Wendy’s generous environmental installations are like imaginative experiments. Recycling, reusing, and reimagining a variety of materials that promote exploration and connection back to nature, science and spirituality.

As life shifts, significant occasions often get watered down and even forgotten about. Why not create and honor those moments through sculpture? Wendy encourages conversation on the preservation of story and event through the Arts.

A native of Buffalo, New York, Wendy holds a Fine Arts Degree from Alfred University. She is a 22-year veteran Firefighter and resides in Santa Cruz, California.