14A: Sundance Vintage Glass

Glass Location: 3370 Pine Flat Road 
Suncatcher - Sundance Vintage Glass

Suncatcher – Sundance Vintage Glass

Friends for years, Karen and Janet recently discovered our mutual love for vintage glass, as well as our affinity for beautiful gardens. One weekend, we were playing around with some of our favorite pieces of vintage glassware and noticed that when we layered them in creative patterns, they resembled beautiful flowers. And when we took them out in the sunshine they were even more stunning. Karen’s husband Rick soon joined in the fun, figuring out how to adhere the different sizes and shapes of glass together for “planting” in the garden.

Birdbath - Sundance Vintage Glass

Birdbath – Sundance Vintage Glass

Sundance Vintage Glass was soon born. Janet and Karen are the designers with Rick as the “glue-master” having perfected the art of adhesion to withstand the elements of sun, wind, rain, and extreme temperatures.

We continue to create our original glass flower Suncatchers, and have now expanded our designs to include vintage glass birdbaths, toadstools and garden totems. Each harvested glass garden ornament is unique, no two are alike, and cannot be duplicated. And never needing water or fertilizer, are perfect for our drought conditions!

Suncatchers - Sundance Vintage Glass

Suncatchers – Sundance Vintage Glass